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Buick is an American car manufacturing company and it is a division of the General Motors Company. This brand is General Motors North American Luxury Brand Car Company. This company is one of the world's oldest car companies which was started by David Dunbar Buick in Detroit.

This company has been making cars since 1903. The Model B was one of its first models and was made in Michigan. In 1911 the company had introduced its first closed body car which is much ahead of Ford launching its first body car. It is also the first company to introduce turn signals in cars.

The company reached its golden years from the 1980's when the demand for traditional long sized cars emerged though it faced though competition from BMW who was manufacturing smaller cars.

This company became synonymous for comfort and safety in the traditional car segment. The Buick Electra Park Avenue is a good example of such model. In the modern times the company went through rough weather and was thought of stopping production all together but the brand survived with the coming of the Buick Enclave in 2008.

The company's latest model includes the La Crosse which could be called “Americas Lexus Fighter.” In the future company plans for cars which can meet global competition and are more compact in size from its earlier version of cars.

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