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Maruti Wagon R Car Reviews

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Total Reviews (13) of Maruti Wagon R
2wsw783b Wednesday 26th April 2017
Good Total View : 12
wh0cd193268 sildenafil ...
Posted By PhyllisKiz Read Detail »
Popular small hatchback car Monday 02nd September 2013
Very Good Total View : 994
Maruti Wagon RLX DUO BSII Car is one of Maruti Suzukiís advanced productions. The car is not much with all those luxury branded cars, but has some tweaking facts, which have captivated larger customer...
Posted By Jay Kumar Srivastav Read Detail »
Most popular car in India Wednesday 07th August 2013
Good Total View : 493
I am thinking about to share my journey experience of Maruti Wagon-R Duo LPG Car which seamlessly gives smooth ride with better effulgence of mileage performance if you are not speed buff. Althoug...
Posted By Rashi Read Detail »
Popular Hatchback Car Tuesday 09th July 2013
Very Good Total View : 553
Maruti WagonR Pro Car is perfectly a breath taking as well as most endearing especially been targeted to the family car with viability of the astounded features. Unquestionably, Maruti has fruitfully ...
Posted By Kapil Kumar Read Detail »
Great Car Monday 09th April 2012
Good Total View : 1082
When I was thinking of purchasing a hatchback, it was Maruti that came first in my mind but I was confused for the car I wanted to purchase. Everyone in my family suggested Wagon R and when I went to ...
Posted By nitin Read Detail »
Runs on CNG and reduces fuel expenses Tuesday 06th December 2011
Good Total View : 696
Small car has great demand in the Indian car market as it is available at affordable price and offers wonderful performance. As far as Maruti Wagon R LXI DUO BSIII is concerned, it is priced at Rs 354...
Posted By Mukesh Read Detail »
Affordable car for common people Saturday 30th July 2011
Very Good Total View : 808
I used to be crazy to own Maruti Wagon R LXI DUO BSIII that created an astir in the market and tantalized the sense of car lovers by its grasping and flamboyant looks, even made crazy to all the c...
Posted By Punam Saxena Read Detail »
Abetter car in lower price Wednesday 22nd December 2010
Good Total View : 874
Maruti Wagon R LXI DUO BSIII is one of the most luxurious car offered by Maruti Suzuki. I bought this car in April, 2010. I am regularly uing this car to commute my office. The kind of service provide...
Posted By Abhay Read Detail »
Marutis popular car wagon Friday 13th August 2010
Very Good Total View : 565
Wagon R VXI BS III ABS is certainly a reliable car to buy for the Indian roads as this car is very sturdy in all sorts of terrains and in all weather conditions it never gives up its performance. Driv...
Posted By Tanul Trivedi Read Detail »
Marutis Popular car Sunday 18th July 2010
Very Good Total View : 532
Maruti Wagon R LX BS III comes with a fine 1061cc of engine displacement and it has got a fuel tank capacity of around thirty five liters and it gives a mileage of around thirteen kilometers. There is...
Posted By Varun Read Detail »
Low maintenance maruti car Friday 21st May 2010
Very Good Total View : 2235
Maruti is the people friendly car in India and they have got a number of people friendly models. The Maruti Wagon R VXI BS III is a nice car which has got a number of good features like it has got a f...
Posted By Prateek Read Detail »
An excellent small car Wednesday 12th May 2010
Excellent Total View : 578
Maruti has made many successful models in the car market and some of them are cars like the Maruti Wagon R AX BS III. This car features a good 1061 cc of engine and it also has 13.3 liters of mileage....
Posted By Shruti Dua Read Detail »
No Tension Car Wednesday 10th March 2010
Good Total View : 1125
I had never had any issue with this Wagon R LXI. I got this Wagon R LXI in 2005 and since 2005 i have never went to any workshop for any special repair work in my car. Single handed car did well for m...
Posted By amit kumar Read Detail »

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