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Chevrolet Beat Cars Price India


Price Rs 389,653* - 574,015*

If you are looking for a good Chevrolet car, Chevrolet Beat Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Chevrolet car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Chevrolet Beat cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Chevrolet Beat car in India, check out the available Chevrolet Beat car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Chevrolet Beat car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Chevrolet car.

Chevrolet is one of the most selling brands of the general motors and it was founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant. The brand was bought off by the general motors in 1917 and since then it has been under the general motors umbrella. The brand also is into making of medium duty commercial trucks. Its founder was a race car driver and it also had some of the best.

The brand has three distinguished channels of distribution and it also has some of the brands like Suzuki marketing for the brand Chevrolet. There are loads of New Chevrolet Beat Cars being sold in India. The Chevrolet Beat car pictures are very similar to that of the spark and it falls into the small car segment. The Chevrolet Beat Cars India was launched in India in 2010 and since then it has been doing pretty well in the market.

The Chevrolet Beat car reviews have been seen as something which could be called upbeat in all its sense. Then the car also has loads of features which one will see as doing the justice to Chevrolet Beat Car pictures. Its interiors are very spacious and it has the following three variants: Chevrolet Beat LS – New Chevrolet Beat LS Cars Features an 1199cc engine and it has manual transmission with five speed gear box and it also has loads of other features like power steering and a 14.5 kilometer per liter Mileage. It comes with a three year warranty.

It also has a remote trunk opener and Digital inbuilt clock. It doesn’t have rear power windows and climate control. The Chevrolet Beat LS car prices are around Rs 3, 54, 990 minus the on road prices. Chevrolet Beat LT - New Chevrolet Beat LT Features automatic climate control and power rear windows control and a low fuel warning light which was missing in the LS version. It also comes with a rear reading lamp.

The Chevrolet Beat LT Car Prices are put at Rs 3, 94, 990 and is very genuine given the improvement of features. This model also has a multi function steering wheel. The steering column is also adjustable. It also features fog light and outside temperature display. Chevrolet Beat PS – This model of Chevrolet Beat car prices at Rs 3, 34, 990 and the Chevrolet Beat PS cars pictures are very good looking when it comes to its exterior appeals.

The New Chevrolet Beat PS car Features child locks system and all the other features which the LS model is equipped with. The Best part is that it comes with a three year warranty. The car also boasts of power steering. The Chevrolet Beat car Reviews have praised the model for having really good design with sharp cuts and totally different elongated headlights which virtually makes it look like an eye.

These models have shown that the LT model is the top variant of all the New Chevrolet Cars India. The Beat variation in Chevrolet looks forward to do good business in small car segment in India.

Chevrolet Beat Cars Models in India


Chevrolet Beat Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Chevrolet Beat Petrol Manchester United Edition
Rs 491,569
N/A, 79.3bhp@6200rpm Petrol
Chevrolet Beat Diesel Manchester United Edition
Rs 574,015
N/A, 57.6bhp@4000rpm Diesel
Chevrolet Beat Diesel PS
Rs 478,169
N/A, 57.6bhp@4000rpm Diesel
Chevrolet Beat Diesel LT
Rs 551,591
N/A, 57.6bhp@4000rpm Diesel
Chevrolet Beat Diesel LS
Rs 507,061
N/A, 57.6bhp@4000rpm Diesel
Chevrolet Beat New
Rs 452,289
N/A, 79bhp@6200rpm Petrol
Chevrolet Beat LT LPG
Rs 493,031
N/A, 79.4bhp@6400rpm LPG
Chevrolet Beat LS LPG
Rs 446,872
N/A, 79.4bhp@6200rpm LPG
Chevrolet Beat Diesel
Rs 570,000
, 57 Bhp @ 4000 rpm Diesel
Chevrolet Beat LT
Rs 463,664
, 145 kmph,80 @ 6200 rpm Petrol
Chevrolet Beat LS
Rs 417,321
, 140kmph,80 @ 6200 rpm Petrol
Chevrolet Beat PS
Rs 389,653
, 145Kmph,80 @ 6200 rpm Petrol

Chevrolet Beat Car Reviews

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