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Chevrolet Tavera Cars Price India


Price Rs 592,691* - 711,798*

If you are looking for a good Chevrolet car, Chevrolet Tavera Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Chevrolet car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Chevrolet Tavera cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Chevrolet Tavera car in India, check out the available Chevrolet Tavera car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Chevrolet Tavera car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Chevrolet car.

Chevrolet is one of the best car companies of the world and it comes out with loads of New Chevrolet Cars every year and new Chevrolet cars pictures look very modern and jazz and always manage to stay in the lime light. The Chevrolet car reviews also have been very positive in the press and managed to take the competition from other car manufacturers.

In this game of competition the company has taken out the Tavera model which is a multi utility Vehicle or as one calls it an MUV. This Chevrolet Tavera car pictures make it look like a very big vehicle which is certainly not sleek and is generally used for large families and extra people in transportation. The Chevrolet Cars India Launched this model in 2008 and it beat the other SUV’s in terms of utility and space in the interiors. This model is generally classified into the B1 and B2 models with around six sub models in it each. The major models are as follows:

Chevrolet Tavera B1 10 seats BS III BG – it has manual steering with 2,499c engine. It has manual transmission too. It has ten seating Capacity and Chevrolet Tavera Cars prices are around Rs. 6, 22,648. It has bare minimum technology and everything is manual.

Chevrolet Tavera B1 7 Seats BS III BG – Chevrolet Tavera B1 7 BS III BG features the same technology of the B1 10 Seats and there is no difference apart from the interior space capacity. It is priced at Rs. 6, 34, 238.

Chevrolet Tavera B1 10 BS II – Chevrolet Tavera BS II cars features the same engine as the previous models the 2,499cc and it comes with leather interiors which is the only difference. It is priced at Rs. 6, 34, 238

Then there are the Tavera B1 10 and 7 seaters with BS II and III with little variations and same engine power. They can cost around Rs. Six to six and a half lakh. The major change comes with the B2 version.

Chevrolet Tavera B2 10 BS III BG – here also the engine remains the same and all the functions are manual. There is addition of rear reading lamps and rear seating head rest. There are leather seats and heater with cigarette lighter is given. It has tinted glasses also. Rest all the features are the same. It is priced at around Rs. 7, 03,536.

Chevrolet Tavera B2 7 BS III BG - this Chevrolet model has all the features of a B2 and the difference is in the seating capacity only as it can house seven people unlike the earlier which can house around ten. It is priced at Rs. 7, 15, 125.

All the other models like the Tavera B2 BS II BG seven and ten seated models also share the same fate as the other tavera B2 models and the differences are hardly anything even in terms of interiors. They are simply remake after remake of the similar old models in this version. The Chevrolet cars reviews have also been positive. The Chevrolet Tavera cars prices have also been Competitive.


Chevrolet Tavera Cars Models in India


Chevrolet Tavera Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Chevrolet Tavera B2 7 seats BSIII BG
Rs 711,798
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B2-7 seats BSIII
Rs 710,650
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B2 10 seats BSIII BG
Rs 700,323
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B2-10 seats BSIII
Rs 699,060
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B2-7 seats BSII
Rs 686,764
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B2-10 seats BSII
Rs 674,713
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B1 7 seats BSIII BG
Rs 631,369
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B1-7 seats BSIII
Rs 630,107
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B1 10 seats BSIII BG
Rs 619,779
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B1-7 seats BSII
Rs 604,394
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Chevrolet Tavera B1-10 seats BSII
Rs 592,691
138 kmph, 80 @ 3,900 (PS@rpm) Diesel

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