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If you are planning to purchase a Dodge car, then you have a great choice for sure.

Dodge is considered to be one of the best companies in India and their cars are super strong. You can easily get number of variants in Dodge cars.

Every Dodge car has its own specifications, features, colors, price as well as fuel economy, you just have to select according to your taste and personality.

If you are sure about purchasing Dodge car then you must be looking for more information’s like price of Dodge cars and reviews on them, so that you take decision much confidently. It will help you in purchasing your dream car.

Dodge is basically an American automobile company and they are specialized in making cars, SUV’s, minivans and also pickup trucks. Dodge is basically owned by the Chrysler group LLC and they are also taking care of its marketing needs.

In 1914 they started supplying its automotive parts and then after that they also started making their automobiles. It was basically founded by the Dodge Brother Company.

In 1928 they sold this company to the Chrysler Group in 1928 and write now they are part of a group which is also in alliance with the Fiat. Models like 30 and 35 included four cylinders. Basically it was a competitor of Ford model T.

In the beginning they presented model that was a sedan 124, after that they came with the famous D11 in 1939. They truly believe in moving ahead. In the fifties and sixties they came with the models like Coronet and Coronet Lancer hardtop and these cars did a pretty good job in the market. The humongous look and stunning performance was the specialty of their cars.

In the much recent time like 1998, it was sold to the Daimler Benz group and then they started making even more stunning and modern cars. From this time they started making latest and next generation cars which stunned everybody. The best example will be Dodge Charger SRT8 which is a sedan and an amazing example of new era cars, its charismatic design will make you fall in love with this car.

They have also designed some pick up trucks and they did awesome in the market. In the SUV section also they have tried and made Durango SUV in 1998. They are basically famous for making heavy duty and pretty tough vehicles and their products are extremely quality driven.

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