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Ford Endeavour Cars Price India


Price Rs 1,599,000* - 2,306,000*

If you are looking for a good Ford car, Ford Endeavour Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Ford car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Ford Endeavour cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Ford Endeavour car in India, check out the available Ford Endeavour car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Ford Endeavour car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Ford car.

Ford is the fourth largest car maker of the world and it is one of the earliest car makers in America. The company was started by the iconic Henry Ford who is the pioneer of mass scale car production in the world and in America. This company also owns companies like Volvo and used to own companies like Jaguar and Land Rover too earlier. The company has set some bench mark in making of excellent motor cars and most of their products always land up becoming the top ten motor vehicles in the world all the time. Just recently five of their Vehicles ranked top in their categories.

There were other fourteen which ranked in top three of their category. The New Ford Endeavour car is also one of the best SUV’s to hit the market and it has major competition from Toyota SUV’s and Mahindra’s SUV in India. The Ford Endeavour car pictures show that the car is very sturdy in its looks and also they have loads of interior spacing in it. The Ford Endeavour car reviews also show that the car is very powerful in terms of engine capacity and has a very modern appeal to it. The Ford Endeavour cars India have been selling well in smaller cities of India also due to its multi utility sturdy features also.

There are two basic models of this SUV and they are as follow: Ford Endeavour 4x2 XLT – this Ford Endeavour car features a powerful 2499cc of engine and it comes with advanced variable geometry turbo chargers engine. It fuel injection technology is also pretty advanced. This model has manual transmission and it also comes with power steering. It has got ventilated Disc breaks and comes with power windows also. It has automatic climate control in it.

It also comes with remote trunk and Fuel lid openers. There is low fuel warning light also in the Vehicle. There are rear AC vents in the car also. It also comes with adjustable steering column. The interiors are totally done in leather and it comes with leather steering wheel also. There is cigarette lighter in it also. It has alloy wheels too. In safety features wise the model is lacking in Anti theft alarm and side airbags. Other wise the car has central locking system and anti lock breaking system also.

This model of Ford Endeavour car prices are around Rs 16, 25, 000. Ford Endeavour 4x4 Thunder Plus – this model of Ford Endeavour features a more powerful engine than its earlier versions and it comes with turbo chargers. It has superior engine technology and comes in an automatic gear transmission mode. It has power steering and power windows too.

Both these models lack air quality control system and have a very fine automatic air control system. This model has electronic Multi- trip meter and digital odometer. This model also features rear view mirror turn indicator. It also has a better music player as it comes with DVD player in it. There is front side airbags also in this model. This model too lacks an anti theft alarm. This model also has a keyless entry. This model of Ford Endeavour car prices are around Rs 18, 69, 000.

Ford Endeavour Cars Models in India


Ford Endeavour Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Ford Endeavour New
Rs 2,200,000
137km/hr, 141bhp@3500rpm Diesel
Ford Endeavour Hurricane Limited Edition
Rs 2,213,307
144 Kmph, 156 PS (115 Kw) @ 3200rpm Diesel
Ford Endeavour 3.0L 4x4 AT
Rs 2,306,000
, 156 PS (115 Kw) @ 3200rpm Diesel
Ford Endeavour 3.0L AT 4x2
Rs 2,128,000
, 156 PS (115 Kw) @ 3200rpm Diesel
Ford Endeavour 4x4 Thunder Plus
Rs 1,839,000
144 Kmph, 156 PS (115 Kw) @ 3200rpm Diesel
Ford Endeavour 4x2 XLT
Rs 1,599,000
137 kmph, 143 PS (105 Kw) @ 3500rpm Diesel

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