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Ford New Ikon Cars Price India


Price Rs 483,000* - 560,000*

If you are looking for a good Ford car, Ford New Ikon Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Ford car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Ford New Ikon cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Ford New Ikon car in India, check out the available Ford New Ikon car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Ford New Ikon car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Ford car.

Ford has always been producing what one would call people friendly cars according to the global standards. This company’s ideals were set by its founder Henry Ford who had envisioned that everyone in America would be riding a car some day and they took the whole car making business to its next level. They started mass producing cars in the American Market for all segments of society. Ford cars India also share the same idea of its founder and they want maximum people in India to be riding good cars.

The New Ford IKon cars are one such example of this vision of Ford. The Ford IKon cars reviews have been very good because of the cars fuel economy. The Ford IKon car pictures also show that the car has a very simple and attractive look which it has come up with. The Ford IKon is currently doing very well in the sedan segment of Indian Cars and it proves itself to be of long durability in terms of maintenance. There are four major models of the car and they are as follows:

Ford IKon 1.3 Rocam – this model of Ford IKon car features a 1297cc of engine displacement and has manual transmission and power steering. It comes with power windows and has remote fuel lid opener. It comes with trunk light and also has tachometer and digital odometer. It also has fog light, tinted glasses and central locking system. There are front and side impact beams also. This Ford IKon is priced at Rs 4, 92, 000.

Ford IKon iKool 1.3 Rocam – this Ford IKon Car features the same engine as the 1.3 segment and it has cigarette lighter and lacks digital odometer. It also comes with rear spoilers and tinted glasses. The main difference is that this model has music system which the previous model didn’t have. There are other minor differences also like this model has halogen headlamps and comes with traction control feature. Rest all the features of this car are similar to the 1.3 non IKool series. This Ford IKon car prices are around Rs 5, 09, 000.

Ford IKon 1.4 TDCi- this model of Ford IKon car features a 1399cc of engine which is more powerful than the 1.3 series engine. This car has got diesel engine with power steering and comes with Glove compartment and digital odometer. This model doesn’t have a music system and comes with central locking system and anti theft alarm. It has a day and night rear view mirror. It also has rear seat belts. This model of Ford IKon car prices are Rs 5, 25, 000.

Ford IKon iKool 1.4 Diesel – this model of Ford comes with a powerful engine and is the top model in the diesel segment. It comes with leather seats and digital odometer and cigarette lighter also. It also has rear spoilers and comes with a music system which plays CD’s and radio also. This model also has halogen headlamps with front and side impact beams. Rest all the other features are common to Ford IKon. This top end model of Ford IKon car prices are around Rs 5, 70, 000. Collapse

Ford New Ikon Cars Models in India


Ford New Ikon Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Ford New Ikon iKool 1.4 Duratorq TDCi
Rs 560,000
, 68PS/4000 ps(kw) /rpm Diesel
Ford New Ikon 1.4 Duratorq TDCi
Rs 525,000
, 68 @ 4,000 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Ford New Ikon iKool 1.3 Rocam
Rs 500,000
, 70PS/5500 ps(kw) /rpm Petrol
Ford New Ikon 1.3 Rocam
Rs 483,000
, 70 @ 5,500 (PS@rpm) Petrol

Ford New Ikon Car Reviews

wh0cd626202 BUY PRAZOSIN medrol antabuse
Nice car with decent features
It was Ford\'s second car and was highly successful. The machine Ikon was launched in engine variants, 1.3 liter ROCAM- powered petrol engine and the ...
Lovely sedan at affordable price
If anyone asks me, what prompts you to own Ford New Ikon 1.3 Rocam, my answer simply comes in the word of eye catchy exterior and interior appearance ...
Combination of iconic looks and robust features
If I have to talk about the Ford, I will simply introduce it in two words, classy exterior and better mileage. I was living with a great dream to own...
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