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Hummer is owned by Motors Liquidation Company from the earlier bankrupt old General Motors Company. The company was formed in 1992. The original Hummer was based on Military High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle program (HMMWV).

It is only later on that the company started making smaller version of the vehicle for the civilian market. Some Chinese automakers have already announced the take over of the vehicle company but the proposal is waiting government approval.

The Jeeps were built originally by the AM Corporation in Mishawaka branch in Indiana. The first model to be sold to the civilian world was a M998 Hum-Vee. There are various models like H3, H2 and H1. The exporting of the vehicle began in 2006.

In the Nineties the General motors was responsible for marketing of this vehicles. The H2 version of the vehicle is also assembled in Kaliningrad Russia by Avtotor from 2004.

The company as of now is going to go in the hands of Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd and is waiting for approval. There are customized Hummers which come out in the market.

There are the HX model which is a concept model and the modified H6 vehicle. In the future the company wants to make Hummers which are plug in nature and run on batteries. The biggest draw back of these vehicles is its fuel economy and its space occupancy.

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