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Hero Honda Glamour

Hero Honda Glamour Bike Prices in India

Price Rs 46,300* - 48,200*

Hero Honda has provided so many motor bikes in India which are really helping everyone as far as the two wheelers requirement is concern but Hero Honda Glamour is the one of those bikes in india, that really amaze indians by its performance.

Indian audience liked it very much. Hero Honda Glamour is the largest selling motor bike in India and very popular among students, executive class and self employed of a particular segment.

Hero Honda Glamour is available in various models and colors and the Hero Honda Glamour is very affordable as the cost of Hero Honda Glamour is not very high.

Seamlessly, Hero Glamour is truly a daily commuter bike which is especially designed to give you best comfort. Unquestionably, this bike has very well padded seat which is very comfy alongside foot pegs are also carved in best way to give you a cozy posture with ideal grip of handlebar at par. Moreover, the buttons given on its handlebar are also easy to use and soft in pressing. Nonetheless, the Glamour perfectly shares electrical switches with the Super Splendor along with ergonomically-designed levers and palm grips are very well tools with which each and every portion of the female is suitably balanced due to its tale is made in the true ratio.

Even more, stylish mirrors have a superior match to the body gloom together with the decals though a bit showy for the moderate among with a flashy bent of mind in the longevity. Nonetheless, the tail lamps are perfectly engraved with balance in terms of the side and rear panels that eventually blend well with little slits adding visual release, that firmly drives to provide a flamboyant touch to the Hero Honda Glamour respectively.

On the other hand, the most distinctive changes are made to the front styling of this bike with profuse characteristics another tinted visor and smooth cowl which runs truly well with its new perfectly clear fog light and clear lens pointers. To supplement, the new model characteristics figure colored back perspective mirrors. Its compound wheels, motor, front leg protects and silencers are painted with dark color. Back styling is likewise somewhat tweaked with new markers and bumper.

More specifically, Hero Glamour has an exceptionally popular simple advanced combo meter reassure. It offers a simple speedometer with computerized outing meter and fuel check. Even more, real time mileage indicator is another characteristic further added to this two wheeler to check its fuel productivity. There are additionally different markers on this support and the LCD utilizes orange backdrop illumination for display.

Herewith, this bike has been sophisticatedly carved by the same displacement of 124.7cc engine which is available with carburetor and Fuel injection technology consecutively. More interestingly, this bike has been engraved by the air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC engine which is competent of elastic a power output of about 9.1 bhp at 7000 rpm at par. Nonetheless, its torque output of 10.35 Nm is achievable at 4000rpm with greatest hilt due to its engine is stoutly mated with a four speed manual gearbox with all gears up-shift pattern distinctively at parity.

More naively, Glamours fuel effectiveness is the best thing about this bike. In city, you can anticipate that this bike amazingly delivers give better fuel productivity of around 60-65km/ltr while on long runs it might return you a mileage of around 70km/ltr. Even though, its fuel proficiency builds by 5-6km/ltr with the assistance of FI technology prodigy at equivalent. Collapse

Hero Honda Glamour Bikes

Hero Honda
  Hero Honda Glamour
Bike Price Starting System Engine Type
Hero Honda Glamour Kick Start
Rs 46,300
Kick Start
Hero Honda Glamour Electric Start
Rs 48,200
Electric Start

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