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Honda CBX 250 Twister

Honda CBX 250 Twister Bike Prices in India

Price Rs 150,000* - 150,000*

Honda Motorcycle has provided so many motor bikes in India which are really helping everyone as far as the two wheelers requirement is concern but Honda CBX 250 Twister is the one of those bikes in india, that really amaze indians by its performance.

Indian audience liked it very much. Honda CBX 250 Twister is the largest selling motor bike in India and very popular among students, executive class and self employed of a particular segment.

Honda CBX 250 Twister is available in various models and colors and the Honda CBX 250 Twister is very affordable as the cost of Honda CBX 250 Twister is not very high.

With different kinds of blueprints and types, Honda Bikes have always rocked the floor, this time the groove is being made with New Honda CBX 250 Twister Bike. It is a different and very voguish and sleek model. It converts in bossy look, while on presentation for young sections and looks so mature while on presentation for middle-aged working man. It has some kind of quality which makes every different generation thinks like they want actually. It has got voguish headlamps and the model indeed comes in round shape. Indicators, which this model is carrying with, are fixed on both sides of headlamp.

With fresh-look, dual-round piece kinda console of the motorbike is affixed over the headlight and appears like positioned between bars, the board contains speedometer, tripmeter, tachometer, fuel gauge and a few more average indicators. In cooperation the rear view mirrors are in black shades which are too accumulated on the handlebars. The Honda CBX Twister 250 has big fuel tank which is covered with rigid plastic side cover and it is blessed with good graphic and Honda logo has been pasted on it. The motorbike does not have more graphics. The sporty bike comes with stylish curved shaped long seat which makes sure more consoles when running.

The way-in level sports Honda CBX Twister is prepared with powerful engine which has disarticulation of 249cc. The six speed manual transmission equipped motorcycle comes with air cooled, single cylinder, 4 valve, 4 stroke and DOHC engine which produces a peak power of 24 bhp at 8,000 rpm and produce a maximum torque of 2.48 kgm at 6,000 rpm. With this powerful engine, the bike is loaded with bigger 1370mm wheel base and 276mm dia front disc brake which ensure greater handling of the machine at high speed.

Honda CBX Twister 250cc is holy with air cooled, single cylinder, 4 strokes, 4 valve, DOHC powerful engine with a displacement of 249cc and six speed manual transmission. The bike delivers maximum power of 24 bhp at 8,000 rpm and belts out a top torque of 2.48 kgm at 6,000 rpm. This life-size machine is assembled with 16 litters of big fuel tank and its likely mileage is around 35kmpl.

Honda CBX 250 Twister Bike is available in black shades, yellow shades and silver shades. The Honda CBX 250 Twister Bike has been developed with well-technologized digital-dashboard, which is additionally called as the control-panel of any sort of vehicle. Furthermore, the digi-dashboard includes speedometer, tripmeter, tachometer, fuel gauge and other common indicators and the most alluring characteristic is that the dashboard actually speaks about the status of bike while the bike is on the ride.

Headlights, among all such features should be on priority to be discussed as maximum light at night and dark. The telescopic categorical front suspension and rear mono stun fork of the motorbike are liable for smooth riding. The highly developed exhaust system of the machine makes enjoyable sound that makes your drive noise-free. Foot pegs of the bike give rest for foot of the rider and the passenger. The long and sleek seat of the bike provides more space for sitting. Over and done with the bike provides ultimate comfort with its stylish features. This is basically sleek and active look, latest technology, and Good braking system. Collapse

Honda CBX 250 Twister Bikes

Honda Motorcycle
  Honda CBX 250 Twister
Bike Price Starting System Engine Type
Honda CBX 250 Twister
Rs 150,000
Electric Start

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