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Honda Fury VT1300CX

Honda Fury VT1300CX Bike Prices in India

Price Rs 706,721* - 706,721*

Honda Motorcycle has provided so many motor bikes in India which are really helping everyone as far as the two wheelers requirement is concern but Honda Fury VT1300CX is the one of those bikes in india, that really amaze indians by its performance.

Indian audience liked it very much. Honda Fury VT1300CX is the largest selling motor bike in India and very popular among students, executive class and self employed of a particular segment.

Honda Fury VT1300CX is available in various models and colors and the Honda Fury VT1300CX is very affordable as the cost of Honda Fury VT1300CX is not very high.

Honda releases its new range of bike which is the new Honda Fury VT1300CX Bike that has already created a sensation in the market and is widely talked about among the bike lovers. This bike is designed in a cruiser type and is powered by a 2Liquid Cooling cylinder 1312cc, SOHC 52° V-twin engine that has enhanced the overall performance of the bike and moreover will render great comfort and experience in the riding of the bike. The torque of the bike is lowered at 107 Nm at a speed of 2250 rpm resulting in a great performance and efficiency of the ride.

The front 45mm telescopic fork and the Rear monoshock suspension of the bike delivers great comfort while riding without compromising on the control and performance of the bike. The 336 mm disk brakes of the bike equally contribute to the stable control over the bike leading to a safe ride. The digital fuel gauge and the fuel tank with a capacity of 20.30 litres offers the riders with great mileage resulting in enhanced performance. The stunning design and the friendly ergonomics of the bike leads to the popularity of this bike among the bike lovers as well as will make heads turn when this bike hits the roads. Collapse

Honda Fury VT1300CX Bikes

Honda Motorcycle
  Honda Fury VT1300CX
Bike Price Starting System Engine Type
Honda Fury VT1300CX
Rs 706,721

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Honda Fury VT1300CX Bikes Reviews
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