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Infiniti is a luxury car making automotive company of the Japanese automobile company Nissan Motors. The company was started off in the 1989 in North America. The company has since expanded to Middle East, South Korea, Russia, Switzerland and other countries.

The main purpose of the company was to sell quality vehicles to its elite clientele. The brand was created at the same time when Honda and Toyota Created the luxury brands of Lexus and Acura. The first model to be launched was a Q45. Then there was the two door M30 coupe.

The whole brand is in competition with the other luxury brand in the U.S market, the G 20 had been introduced to lure entry level sedan buyers in the market. The vehicles had engine with multi port fuel injection for improved performance.

Later years saw the entry of Infiniti FX which was an SUV. The G35 model helped the company built its image in the league of BMW and was called the Japanese BMW. There are M35/45 models in the market too.

The brand also has sports model like the G37 which is as good as any other sports car in that segment. This company has been fighting competition well over the years. The FX versions are the next generation of SUV models.

The company has new concept cars such as Infiniti Essence which is a hybrid electrical vehicle. This concept is not going to enter production as the car is there to create a brand image to celebrate Infinities twenty years. This is surely one good brand in the market.

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Infiniti G35 Cars
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