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Kinetic Engineering Limited is a flagship company of the Firodia Group of companies that has been commence by Mr. HK Firodia. Seamlessly, Kinetic Bikes India Company provides excellence for engineering and manufacturing with diverse portfolio in producing transmission components, engine components, gearboxes and engine assemblies. KEL is a pioneering automobile group within India. More specifically, Kinetic Bikes India Company has a press shop, paint shop, weld shop, can manufacture chasis, mufflers, rims, etc. KEL even assembles entire vehicles for certain customers. Apart from this, some Kinetic Engineering Limited two wheelers were manufactured that continue to be used.

Some of the Kinetic Engineering Limited introduced some of the most acclaimed Kinetic Bikes in India includes Kinetic Aquila, Kinetic Challenger, Kinetic Comet, Kinetic GF, Kinetic Velocity and Kinetic Boss. Even more, the company also manufactured mopeds comprises of Kinetic 4S, Kinetic Honda Marvel, Kinetic Kine, Kinetic Zing, Kinetic Nova, Kinetic King 100 and Kinetic Style. Kinetic Blaze is the only scooter made by this company. There are no Kinetic Bikes from the house of Kinetic Engineering Limited. Unquestionably, the Kinetic Bikes India vividly offers stability and decent mileage. Nonetheless, Kinetic Bikes are liked by all classes of riders in the race of automobile industry.

Kinetic Nova135 is one of the numerous vehicles made by Kinetic engineering limited. This vehicle chugs in city roads and outstretched roads, quite unlike other two wheelers that are in usage. It has a decent number of customers and its price varies depending on the location of the dealer. Kinetic Kine is another of the two wheelers manufactured by Kinetic Bikes in India. It can be seen on most roads. Like Nova135, its on-road price varies depending on the dealer. Luna TFR Plus is a generic model that is slightly beyond a bicycle. It offers the joy of pleasurable and economic automatic riding. It is a very basic model and is best suited for basic riders who would not require extensive usage of a two wheeler. Though Kinetic Engineering Limited bikes satisfy the needs of most riders, these vehicles are not easily found in markets.

Kinetic Bikes in India

Kinetic 4S
Kinetic 4S Bikes
Kinetic Aquila 250
Kinetic Aquila 250 Bikes
Kinetic Blaze Drum Brakes
Kinetic Blaze Drum Brakes Bikes
Kinetic Blaze Disc Brakes
Kinetic Blaze Disc Brakes Bikes
Kinetic Boss
Kinetic Boss Bikes
Kinetic Flyte
Kinetic Flyte Bikes
Kinetic GF Laser
Kinetic GF Laser Bikes
Kinetic GF
Kinetic GF Bikes
Kinetic Zing 80 Kine
Kinetic Zing 80 Kine Bikes
Kinetic Nova
Kinetic Nova Bikes
Provide effective mileage and good comfort
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Comfort to ride for ladies
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Great Performance With fuel Efficacy of Mileage in the Long Drive
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Wonderful mileage with unique style
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