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Lexus is a subsidiary company of the Japanese car makers Toyota Motor Corporation. It was introduced in the United States as a luxury vehicle maker and is ranked as the highest Luxury car sellers in the market world wide. The company's headquarters are in Japan and it was introduced in its own home market in 2005.

The first off shore produced model was the RX330 and it was done in 2003. The vehicle has high ranking amongst automobile in reliability and customer services provided by the company. It was also voted as the most reliable brand in U.S.A.

The logo of the vehicle is pursuit of perfection which suits its well as the car comes with loads of features which point towards perfection. The LS400 was the first of Toyotas perfect vehicles. Then came the successful Supra and Cressida models both of them were rear wheel drives.

The smoothness of the car became legendry with the showcasing of champagne glasses on the hood of the car in 1989. The quietness of the car did the job for it in the market. The company came up with SUV's in the 1998 and RX 300 was its first Suv.

Then came the cars hybrid versions and the F models. RX 400 was really the first hybrid version. In 2005 it became organizationally a different company from its mother company and has continued to do well since with its F models. The LF-A model has been premiered already to meet the demand for technologically advanced cars.

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Lexus cars will soon takes jump in India  
Toyota has officially affirmed that it will present the Lexus mark in India b
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