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Lincoln is an American luxury automotive brand of the Ford Motor Company. It was founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and went on to become the part of the Ford Company in 1922.

The brand was named after one of the longtime Independence hero Abraham Lincoln. The company began with a very small production capacity of 150 to 200 cars per year.

Soon after the Ford take over the vehicles company started producing around five thousand plus vehicles every year. Some of its beginning models were Model L and they were using the V8 engine for starting purposes.

By the 1930 the company was using V12 powered engines. The Lincoln Zephyr is one of those models from the thirties which doubled the sale of the Lincoln car company. The Lincoln Continental Model was one of the most famous products of this brand.

The continental model was synonymous with long looks. The company in modern times did pretty well with the sale of the Navigator SUV in the nineties. Its Town Car models also did pretty well.

Among the latest of models the 2009 MKS will be the flagship of cars to replace all the old town car models. There are concept car models like Lincoln MKT and Lincoln C. This brand has maintained its image of being able to produce steady cars for elite clientele which delivers performance.

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