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xLotus has been a sports car and racing car manufacturing British company which was earlier owned by Bugatti till it went bankrupt. The company is currently owned by Proton a Malaysian car making company. The company was formed in 1952.

The company had begun as an engineering company. The company has shifted many hands in the past at one point of time even the general motors owned this company. The company has made many of formula one cars and had won championships in the sixties.
The Lotus Europa was among one of the most popular models of the company thought he company has come up with many models of Racing cars . The model Lotus Esprit was a very long lived one it was a two door model.

It has a 2.2 liter V8 engine. The early S1 and S2 Esprit were longed lived in the market.

Later versions had Turbo Esprit and the S3 models of it. The nineties saw the V8 models of cars. It had an all aluminum body. This range was further split into the SE and GT. The latest best model came with the Sports 350 model.

This company produced a very few number of cars over a span of twenty years. This company had used parts from other companies to cut down production costs. Some of its popular designs were of the S4 models and this car company's products were very different from the other companies in terms of design and capabilities.

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