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Mahindra Renault Cars

Mahindra Renault is a joint venture company in India between the Indian Utility vehicle Makers Mahindra and Mahindra and the Renault S.A of France. This joint venture was started in 2007.

The Mahindra Renault Limited uses Mahindra and Mahindra's Network for sales and services of Renault branded vehicles in India. The joint venture is very new and till now has managed to launch only one model in the market which is called Renault Logan.

The vehicle has been under criticism from many car experts and has not managed to do very well for it self. There are talks about it having the features and functions of a left hand drive though it is a vehicle of right hand drive.

The power window switches are situated in the center panel of the vehicle and the hood release is on the passenger side of the vehicle rather than the driver side.

This doesn't undermine the fact that the vehicles manufacturing sector in Nashik , Maharashtra yearly produces about fifty thousand vehicles. The company is expanding in India with a new manufacturing plant being built in Chennai in collaboration with the Nissan Motors India Private Limited. All of us hope for a better model launch in Future.

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Mahindra Renault Logan
Mahindra Renault Logan Cars
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Mahindra Renault Logan Edge Cars
Logan revamped for sales  

Mahindras sedan Logan is back in the car market with a new confidence as it has revamped itself a

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