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Maserati is another luxury car makers based in Italy. The company was started in the 1914. The company has been owned by the Italian automobile group Fiat S.P.A since 1993. Till recently it has been a part of the sports racing group Alfa Romeo.

The total revenue of the company goes up to 825 million Euros. The company has around seven hundred employees. The company began with the Maserati brothers trying to build a racing car and the company was sold off to the Orsi family.

The Maserati 8CTF had won the Indianapolis 500 race in the 1939. Then the ownership passed on to Citroen a French car manufacturer in the late sixties. The good models earlier were 200SI, the Birdcage and 5000GT Coupe.

The company which actually brought this company back into the lime light can be called Ferrari which took over its ownership in 1999.

Ferrari gave its recent two most famous models the MC12 and the Quattroporte to Maserati. The Quattroporte is a high luxury saloon with a V8 engine.

The latest of Maserati models are Grand Turismo which could be the basis of all future Masearati cars. The company in future is planning a convertible version of the Gran Tourismo.

The company also plans to make futuristic bikes for the future. The company has recently gone back into the global business.

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