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Mercury is an American automotive company which is a marque of the Ford Motor Company. The company was started in the 1939 by Edsel Ford who was the son of Henry Ford.

The cars produced by this company are medium ranged luxury vehicles which are not too expensive and stand at the entry level of the luxury car segment. The name of the company comes from the Roman Mythology.

The brand was combined with the Lincoln division in Ford in 1945. Some of the famous early designs of this car company included the Mercury Cougar and the Mercury S55 which were really performance based cars.

The company also came up with not so successful models like the Bobcat. The Sable and the Tracer models were also made by the help of Ford Company and the company was very distinctly tied with Ford and unable to create a niche for its distinct identity.

The Sable model however did pretty well for itself in the market. The latest of Mercury models are the Mercury Milan and the Mercury Mountaineer. There are models like Mariner too and it is available in the Hybrid version too.

The company is not doing so well for itself due to its identical structure of the Ford Company and people speculate this brand could be modified in the future. The company has credit of giving reliable models in the market of automobile.

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