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Monto Motors Ltd was established in 1997-98 by Pacco Group of Companies, and Pacco was already in this business of automobile components manufacturing. They manufactured components such as fuel pumps, carburetors, etc for countries abroad and in India. Pacco has its units of manufacturing in New Delhi, India and has a working team of over 250 persons. Monto Motors Ltd has acquired the Kelvinator of India Ltd, automobile division.

Available Monto Motors Bikes’ models are Avanti Auto Power, Avanti Mont, Avanti Kobra, Avanti Porta, Avanti Top Tank and Avanti SS. Avanti Kobra denotes speed and fury of Cobra, while it delivers unbelievable mileage such that it proves to be the fuel efficient moped. It is also the swiftest as well as fastest mopeds in the country. This moped is designed by the best Indian automobile engineers and has proved to be a reliable moped. The company also offers warranty for 18 months. Its advanced features make it an outstanding performer and offer the comfort of riding. Electronic ignition, hand and foot brakes, 3 gear transmission and kick start are geared such that they offer more economy and engine performance. Its body design meets the contemporary graphics as well as its metallic colors are exciting.

All the vehicles launched by Monto Motor bikes are the right kind of vehicles that any rider has been looking for a long period of time. Their vehicles prove to offer multidimensional convenience with its distinct combination of pace and efficiency. Monto Motors bikes, India such as Avanti Carrier are designed such that they can be considered to be the apposite vehicle for several jobs such as Fast Food Delivery, Express Couriers, Mobile Service Teams and other distribution Visits. Moreover, this 3-gear vehicle offers incredible mileage, besides benefits of enjoying reduced costs that allows moving around. The comfort, convenience and the fuel saving features are the real catch that creates a stir of demand.

Monto Motor Bikes, India have come up with new features, new design and new promises for the next time. It has influenced largest numbers of customers. The way, this automotive company is growing with larger number of customers, it is quite commendable and all the credits must reach out to the business strategies, market research procedure and applications and all other set-up required for dragging the company level up to the mark. Monto Motor Bikes in India are pushing much effort to come up with positive reviews and so that such variations in engineering formula too. Monto Motor Bikes in India are not very much in flocks, because believes to be best in quality not in quantity. Quantity of any product can be increased as soon as they want, but on this process, the quality may diminish. So, Monto Motor Bikes in India chose to be best in quality, i.e. in performance.

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Monto Avanti SS Bikes
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