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Opel is a German automobile company which was started in 1863 making it one of the oldest car companies of the world. Its founder was called Adam Opel. In the beginning this company was manufacturing sewing machines.

The company produced its first cares in 1899 when the founder's sons took up the initiative. The company was Germany's biggest car producer in the 1920's and then in 1929 General Motors bought the company and ever since it has been a subsidiary of General Motors.

The RAK1 and RAK2 were rocked propelled cars made in the early years of the company. The Regent was one of the first successful cars of the company. During the world war the car company had to stop production for a year.

The Opel Omega was one of the countries first eco friendly cars with cut down emissions. The Opel Vectra was one of the first aerodynamically advanced cars of those years in the eighties. One of the latest car of the company to be successful is Opel Insignia which is one of the best car in medium size sedan segment.

Even the Opel Astra has done well for itself in the European Markets. The company in future is looking forward to the production of light commercial vehicle. The Opel Ampera holds the key to the future designs of the Car Company. The company is involved in electrification of car technology for future.

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