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Panoz is an American manufacturer of high performance luxury cars and it was founded in the 1989 by Dan Panoz by son of a pharmaceutical giant and motorsport mogul Don Panoz. The company is heavily involved into road racing and motor sports.

The company has tried to balance its role as a sports car manufacturer and a race car manufacturer. The Panoz DPO1 is one of their race cars. The company has also tried to partner with the BMW Motor sports partner Prototype Technology Group to market its GTLM in the Le Mans.

Some of the popular models of the car include Panoz Esperante. The Panoz AIV Roadster is also a trade mark car of the Panoz Company. The company uses Ford's engines V8 for this segment of cars.

The company also runs motor training schools which teach drivers of the race to run the sports car of the company. The Elan Motor sport Technology is an umbrella company looking after the motor sports cars of the company.

This company is heavily involved in the Le Mans American Series which was started by Don Panoz in1999. The company in future looks forward to producing cars like Panoz Abruzzi. The companies most dominant model is the Esperante and its various other versions and the LMP series. One looks forward to this brand expanding further than where it stands now.

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