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Saab Automobile AB is a Swedish car manufacturing company. The company has the exclusive automobile royal warrant from the King of Sweden. The company has been a pioneer in automobile technology and turbo charging technology.

The company is now owned by the General Motors Group. The company was founded in the 1947. The company's revenue is around 1.6 billion euros. The company has around four thousand employees.

The company was originally a part of the Swedish aero plane company. It used to build aircraft for the Swedish air force. The first model of the company was 92001. The company came out with its first major production known as Saab 92.

The company also came into performance motoring with the Saab94. Then came the 96 and 99 models.

The Saab launched its modern cars with the coming in of the Saab9-5 which was an executive car. The companies next generation of cars include the second generation Saab9-5.

The Saab Aero-X is a concept car of the Saab Company and it can run on Bio Power too. The company looks forward to the development of the Bio fuel efficient cars and the company has a great record in terms of introduction of technology in cars and will continue to advance its technology in cars for the future of a prosperous Saab Motor Company.Good safety is also a trade mark of this company.

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