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Saturn is an American car manufacturing company which is a subsidiary of the General Motors Group. The company however functions independently from its mother company.

The company was floated in 1985 when Japanese auto imports were doing very well in the American Luxury car segment and began with brands like Lexus and other such companies in the Eighties.

The company is however in plan of shutting down this section of Motor cars by 2010. Many of its assets are already owned by the Motor Liquidation Company.

The first of the cars models were the S series and became popular due to its price quotes. The cost of opening this company however went very high. The company also came up with the L series and then later on with the SUV called Vue. The company also had a Minivan come up around the same time.

The new models were the Sky Roadster and the Aura Sedan. The Vue was later renamed into the Opel Antara. The company developed something called the Red line and the Green Line.

The Red Line cars were performance oriented and the green line cars were more leaned towards the environment and were friendly hybrids.

The future of the company lay in looking forward in electric technology and green line variants. Hope the company springs back to action soon as it has futuristic models like Saturn Sky and Flextreme lined up.

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