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Scion is an automobile company which is the subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation and was founded in 2002. The company was set with the ideas of appealing to the youth in America and meeting their demands.

The company uses its already existing social networking of the Toyota Company to market products which it has. The company has very fresh and sleek models for its young generation.

The company's first models were xA hatchback and xB wagon which are vehicles in the small segment and appeal to the youth because of its design.

The sports model of this company included the tC. The company has projects like the Scion Hako which is a concept car. The company has already launched the next generation of cars in the market like the xB and xD in 2006.

This branch of Toyota is highly innovative and always come ups with something different than the other car companies. One of the reasons for the success of this brand is the aggressive marketing strategy of the Toyota Motors Company and its testing with the generation Y consumers.

The Pure Price policy is also what helped this brand do well, which meant that the price which one saw on advertisements is the price the buyer paid for its purchase and not a single penny extra.

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