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Smart automobile is a subsidiary branch of the Daimler AG and it is based in Germany though its production takes place in France. The brand produces a series of small cars only which occupy less space and all of them are double seated drive.

This brand was founded in the 1994 and the logo of the company also denotes small with a C in its logo. The idea behind such vehicle was that it took fewer parking spaces and could park the vehicle easily from the front side.

The idea was formulated by Swatch watch company CEO. First it began with the Mercedes Benz and Swatch partnership but due to running into losses the Benz group pulled out till Daimler began to take interest.

The first model of this car was Smart Fortwo. The same model was modified to make the Fortwo Cabriolet which was a convertible.

The company also took out a sport version of the small car called the Smart Roadster and made around 43,091 roadsters but stopped its production later on. The interiors of these cars had a very smart and technologically advanced equipments and accessories.

Then also there were the Barbus Turbo V6 Bi-Turbo types. The company also took out collectors edition and everyone hopes that the car will do well in the future.

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expect to buy the cute car in low cost-price. Thanks. vijay naik (achitect)....

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