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Spyker is Dutch Company which was started in the 1880 by Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker. These two individuals used to build coach and the Golden Coach of the Queen of Netherlands was also built by the Spykar Company and it is still in use today.

The company started building automobile in 1899 and it was not until the 1900 that the first cars by the company were on the streets of Netherlands. The first model was a two cylinder engine and they introduced the four cylinder engine along with a six cylinder engine.

The Spykar 60 HP was one of its first successful model as it was one of the worlds first single engine four wheel drive with four wheel brakes. The company was renamed the Dutch Car and Aircraft Company in 1915.

In 1907 when the owner of the company died it lead to the bankruptcy of the company. It was saved by a group of investors and it also made planes during the world war one.

After the war the company was bankrupt again. The last things in production were the C2 trucks and the C4 cars after which the company completely shut down. This company could have said to have made around 200 cars in its entire years of production. Though what is left now are its cars which stand in the museum.

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