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Suzuki SlingShot

Suzuki SlingShot Bike Prices in India

Price Rs 53,000* - 53,000*

Suzuki has provided so many motor bikes in India which are really helping everyone as far as the two wheelers requirement is concern but Suzuki SlingShot is the one of those bikes in india, that really amaze indians by its performance.

Indian audience liked it very much. Suzuki SlingShot is the largest selling motor bike in India and very popular among students, executive class and self employed of a particular segment.

Suzuki SlingShot is available in various models and colors and the Suzuki SlingShot is very affordable as the cost of Suzuki SlingShot is not very high.

The Suzuki Slingshot Plus offers a complete bundle as far as Style, Comfort, Performance and Practicality - all joined in a 125 cc bicycle. It addresses the client`s need for a cycle that is as parsimonious on fuel as a 100 cc two wheeler then again has the looks to match a 150 cc premium two wheeler. The item is accessible at a value that makes it reasonable as well as meets all prerequisites.

Roused by its greater kin from the GSX-R arrangement, the Suzuki Slingshot Plus brags of sharp memorable head lights, stunningly outlined visor, an all new front bumper plan and a helpful apparatus position marker for simplicity in riding in city movement. The recently outlined solid upswept edge built with a more drawn out swingarm coupled with an alterable back suspension and a race enlivened light weight compound furnish the Suzuki Slingshot Plus with the ideal equalization and deftness for fluctuated street conditions without bargaining on solace and ergonomics.

Moreover, the looks of the Slingshot is not running down well with most on the web. As per me it is the headlamp that is not gelling with an overall tolerable outline.

The 8-9 Ps of top power appears to be a spot low for a 125 cc two wheeler, likewise front disc brakes don't appear to characteristic even in the choices record.

Anyhow then this bike appeared to be pointed at the economy looking for swarm as opposed to the rush looking for men. Well.. all things considered, the name `Slingshot` could have been held for something more fitting. The tasteful and stylish Suzuki Slingshot is stacked with a mess of progressed characteristics that make it most looked for after succession.

More interestingly, this bike is composed quite richly that the look of the new Suzuki Slingshot is extremely overpowering and even eye-appealing. The dynamic and rider well disposed Suzuki Slingshot Plus is outfitted with most recent and propelled characteristics that furnish exceptionally exceptional solace for the rider and traveler. Suzuki Slingshot Plus is having long and wide seat, jazzy handlebars and soothing foot pages that furnish exceptional solace for the riders

The Suzuki Slingshot Plus arrangement is vivaciously available in four colors - Metallic Flint Grey (Yu8), Pearl Mirage White (YPA), Candy Antares Red (19a) and Glass Sparkle Black. Collapse

Suzuki SlingShot Bikes

  Suzuki SlingShot
Bike Price Starting System Engine Type
Suzuki SlingShot
Rs 53,000
Self Start

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Decent look and better performance
Hi guys, I have purchased Suzuki SlingShot bike in Glass Sparkle Black (YVB) color 6 back and truly believe I personally found a very awful experie...
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