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Tata Nano Cars Price India


Price Rs 115,361* - 300,000*

If you are looking for a good Tata car, Tata Nano Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Tata car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Tata Nano cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Tata Nano car in India, check out the available Tata Nano car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Tata Nano car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Tata car.

Tata is India`s largest commercial vehicle makers and it makes it presence felt on both Indian and the New York stock exchanges. The company has been manufacturing vehicles since 1954 in collaboration with Daimler Benz AG. This collaboration ended in 1969. The company has got loads of reputation in its home market since its inception and it has made really good sturdy vehicles suited for the roads of India.

The New Tata Nano cars are supposed to be the world`s cheapest cars till date and it has won loads of global attention. Tata Nano car picture show that the car falls in the small car segment and it has bare minimum features of a car. The Tata Nano car reviews have also praised the car for its affordable cost and fuel economy. Tata Nano cars India is supposed to be meant for small Indian families. There are five models of Nano in three main variations they are as follows:

Tata Nano STD BSII and III these models of Tata Nano car features a 642cc of engine and has manual transmission and steering. The interior features have a low fuel warning light and come with fabric upholstery. There is glove compartment also in its interiors. There is also manually adjustable rear view mirror. There is also halogen head lamps and rear seat belts. There are wheel covers also in the vehicles both the models have exactly the same features in terms of interiors and exteriors. These model of Tata Nano car prices is Rs 1, 15,361 and 1, 23, 161 for BSIII version.

Tata Nano CX BS II and III these versions of Nano car have the same engine capacity as the STD version and it comes with Manual transmission and steering functions. There is AC in the interiors and BSIII has leather steering wheels too. This version also has rear seat head rest. There is an option of getting tinted glasses also in this version of Nano. The BSII comes with its fabric upholstery. There are halogen head lamps in the car also. This model also has rear seat belts and these two versions of CX models come for around Rs 1, 43, 361 for BS II and Rs 1, 51, 361 for BS III model respectively. These prices are minus the on road prices.

Tata Nano LX BS III this model of Tata Nano car features the same engine as the previous models of Nano and it comes with power windows front and front cup holders. There is electronic multi trip meter and it is the top end version of Nano cars. This car has front and rear fog lights with rear spoilers also. It also comes with central locking system and has all the other features which any other Nano car comes with like having halogen head lamps and rear seat belts. This model of Tata Nano car prices are around Rs 1,72,361.

The Tata Nano cars also plan to come up with a hybrid version of the Tata Nano car in the future and it will be a good change from all the Nano which has come up till now.

Tata Nano Cars Models in India


Tata Nano Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Tata Nano Twist XT
Rs 238,500
105km/hr, 37.5bhp@5500+/-250rpm Petrol
Tata Nano Twist XE
Rs 213,000
105 km/hr, 37.5bhp@5500+/-250rpm Petrol
Tata Nano CNG LX
Rs 265,200
N/A, 32.5bhp@5500rpm CNG
Tata Nano CNG CS
Rs 252,000
105 km/hr, 32 @ 5500 / 37 @ 5250 CNG
Tata Nano 2013 STD
Rs 143,000
105 km/hr, 37.5bhp@5500+/-250rpm Petrol
Tata Nano 2013 LX
Rs 200,000
105 km/hr, 37.5bhp@5500+/-250rpm Petrol
Tata Nano 2013 CX
Rs 195,000
105 km/hr, 37.5bhp@5500+/-250rpm Petrol
Tata Nano LX SE
Rs 213,000
105 km/hr, 37.5bhp@5500+/-250rpm Petrol
Tata Nano EV
Rs 300,000
110, 54 Bhp
Tata Nano Lx BSIII
Rs 172,361
105 kmph, 35 bhp@5500 rpm Petrol
Tata Nano Cx BSIII
Rs 190,000
105 kmph, 35 bhp@5500 rpm Petrol
Tata Nano Cx BSII
Rs 140,361
105 kmph, 35 @ 5,250 (PS@rpm) Petrol
Tata Nano Std BSIII
Rs 141,898
105 kmph, 35 bhp@5250 rpm Petrol
Tata Nano Std BSII
Rs 115,361
105 kmph, 35 @ 5,250 (PS@rpm) Petrol

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