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Tata Sumo Gold Cars Price India


Price Rs 593,200* - 754,300*

If you are looking for a good Tata car, Tata Sumo Gold Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Tata car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Tata Sumo Gold cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Tata Sumo Gold car in India, check out the available Tata Sumo Gold car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Tata Sumo Gold car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Tata car.

Tata Sumo is planning to appear in 2 key deviants, Sumo Gold BS IV that encompasses a 2956cc CR4 engine and also the grappling Gold bachelor`s degree III that has associate degree equal 2956cc, four SP TCIC engine. The CR4 turbo engine within the Tata grappling Gold offers a brawny run that replicates potency and strength. And once it involves SUVs or MPVs one name that strikes laborious in out head is Tata`s grappling and it is a `SUMO` because it sounds, another wide accepted vehicle on Indian roads. It is powerful, laborious and at constant time beautiful which is what the most recent ventilated video of Tata grappling Gold displays.

The organization has a leaning to see this SUV standing tall firm on urban tracks. It looks therefore calm and composed sort of a massive bull and at constant time it is passionate about making it larger. Additionally it takes United States nearer to that wherever the company is able to simply have a microscopic look of its beauty and firmness. Firstly all the camera rolls over its front portion wherever we are able to see `GOLD` written in daring and just under, a bathroom badge that signifies the last word complete Tata. Additionally, at the facet wall, it we are able to some art done to create it look additional valuable. As if the maker is stating that it is a diamond within the type of GOLD. Together with that a very new and re-designed back, that appearance laudable.

The automotive company`s knowledgeable lets other foreign customers too; apprehend the small print of this SUV. Being started with the engine that could be a three.0L powerful diesel motor with 2956 displacement and generates 8.5 to 83.1bhp of power and 250 Nm of force. In additional, it affixes that the CR4 technology which is employed to create it robust has already power Tata hunting expedition until 2007.

The knowledgeable looks to fancy the drive because the drivability of this SUV is pretty swish, as he states. The new Tata grappling Gold options new and engaging interiors and much higher than those we have a tendency to saw in recent grappling. The most effective issue concerning this automobile is that it is rear AC, that is that the 1st during this section. Another handy feature of the vehicle is its steering that feels therefore lightweight that you simply do not even feel that you cleanly area unit driving a giant SUV. More than ever, it shows its true colors in town and on traffic-packed environments.

Tata Sumo Gold Cars Models in India


Tata Sumo Gold Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Tata Sumo Gold CX BSIII
Rs 593,200
N/A, 69bhp@3000rpm Diesel
Tata Sumo Gold CX
Rs 624,800
N/A, 83.8bhp@3000rpm Diesel
Tata Sumo Gold LX BSIII
Rs 626,000
N/A, 69bhp@3000rpm Diesel
Tata Sumo Gold LX
Rs 650,300
N/A, 83.8bhp@3000rpm Diesel
Tata Sumo Gold EX BSIII
Rs 677,853
N/A, 69bhp@3000rpm Diesel
Tata Sumo Gold EX
Rs 692,800
N/A, 83.8bhp@3000rpm Diesel
Tata Sumo Gold FX
Rs 727,300
N/A, 83.8bhp@3000rpm Diesel
Tata Sumo Gold GX
Rs 754,300
N/A, 83.8bhp@3000rpm Diesel

Tata Sumo Gold Car Reviews

Low price useful features
Another time a well-mannered priceless (but not exactly though) product from the house of TATA. Acceleration and engine performance is nice. Power ...
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