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Tata Sumo Victa EX Cars Price India


Price Rs 575,453* - 590,794*

If you are looking for a good Tata car, Tata Sumo Victa EX Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Tata car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Tata Sumo Victa EX cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Tata Sumo Victa EX car in India, check out the available Tata Sumo Victa EX car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Tata Sumo Victa EX car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Tata car.

Tata is one of the best brands existing in India today and there is no other brand which comes close to the reputation which Tata has earned over the years in India. The brand comes up with the best of cars possible and though the automobile section of this company is not as old as the Ford or the Daimler Benz group. It still manages to make cars which can match the car qualities of Ford and Benz. The New Tata Sumo Victa EX cars are also one of the examples of the company coming out with cars or multi purpose vehicles which have global standards in all dimensions of the car.

The Tata Sumo Victa EX car pictures show that the vehicle is a tough and sturdy vehicle with loads of muscle on its exterior body. There is loads of similarity with the early models of Sumo when the Victa concept was not even introduced. The Tata Sumo Victa EX car reviews have also tried to focus on the capabilities of the car to perform in all sorts of terrain be it hilly or desert areas. Therefore, this vehicle has gained popularity and it is also because of its interior space that the vehicle has an advantage over the other vehicles. The Tata Sumo Victa EX cars India will certainly do well in the Indian Markets. This version of Sumo comes in two varieties. They are as follows:

Tata Sumo Victa EX Str BS II - this version of Tata Sumo Victa EX car features a 1948 cc of engine and it also comes with power steering and manual transmission. It has front disc breaks along with rear drum breaks. It has the top speed of 240 kmph. It also has a one and half year of warranty. It has remote fuel lid opener but lacks the remote trunk opener. There are front cup holders with vanity mirror. There is trunk light also in the car. It also has electronic trip meter with air conditioner and heater. There is fabric upholstery in its interiors and glove compartment along with digital clock is also in the car.

Safety wise it has central locking system and child locking systems. This model of Tata Sumo Victa EX Str BS II car prices are Rs 5, 75, 794.

Tata Sumo Victa EX Str BS III - the main difference between BS II and BS III models is that of the emission technology and that the BS III lacks a power steering rest all the features of this car are same in both the version of this model. This car also comes with manual transmission and has a seating capacity of around ten people. It also has engine check warning system and engine immobilizers also. There are front and side impact beams in the cars too. There is central locking system with child safety locks. It comes in Tinted glasses and wheel covers.

There are adjustable headlights also and it certain has air conditioning with heater also. There are cup holders in the front too and this comes for around Rs 5, 90, 453.

Tata Sumo Victa EX Cars Models in India


Tata Sumo Victa EX Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Tata Sumo Victa EX-10/7 Str BSIII
Rs 575,453
240 kmph, 90@4,300 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Tata Sumo Victa EX-10/7 Str BSII
Rs 590,794
240 kmph, 90@4,300 (PS@rpm) Diesel

Tata Sumo Victa EX Car Reviews

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