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Tesla Motors is a Silicon Valley based company in the U.S.A which manufactures electrical cars or as also one calls it electrical vehicles. It is one of the leading electrical car makers in the world.

The company was founded in 2003 making it one of the youngest automobile companies of the world. The company mostly manufactures custom made vehicles which are modified according to the owner's specification.

The company is making around 25 vehicles per week. It is also the only company to be selling electrical cars in a serial production. One of the company's first models is the Tesla Roadster.

The model is a very sleek model which has an appeal with the younger generation and speed lovers. The company uses lithium Ion batteries for the car.

The cars best part is that it is an environment friendly car and it has already produced one thousand Roadsters in manufacturing. The company is currently developing a model S which is a family sedan which is battery powered.

This lies in the future plan of the company. The company is already working with Germanys Daimler AG in the making of two seated electric city cars in Germany. The company plans in its future into the making of Mini Vans.

The company is a good futurist automobile company which will run things on alternate source of fuel other than oil and one can hope for it to do well.

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