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Toyota Land Cruiser Cars Price India


Price Rs 8,345,000* - 8,495,000*

If you are looking for a good Toyota car, Toyota Land Cruiser Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Toyota car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Toyota Land Cruiser cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Toyota Land Cruiser car in India, check out the available Toyota Land Cruiser car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Toyota Land Cruiser car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Toyota car.

Toyota has always given quality products to its clients and has since maintained that reputation of providing people with quality products and gives the best possible features in the least of prices to its customers globally. This car company has been associated with lots of innovation in the auto mobile industry lately. There is loads of expectations world wide when it comes to this company‘s record of beating global competition. In every segment this company has given better products and cars which are out there to compete with any other model of any other company.

The Toyota Land Cruiser cars India gave other MUV,s a run for their money as the New Toyota Land Cruiser cars were based on the Lexus LX’s platform and these model were a complete change from their earlier 90 series models. The Toyota Land Cruiser Car Pictures have proved the point of it having modern designed and some also criticized the brand for loosing its earlier exterior body model. The Land Cruiser car reviews have also been a very good towards the car and in India this car or MUV comes in two distinct models of Land Cruiser. They areas follow:

Toyota Land Cruiser VX Standard – this Toyota Land Cruiser car features 4461cc of powerful engine displacement and V-type engine. It comes with automatic transmission and power steering. It has got a six speed gear box and has a diesel engine. It has got a seating capacity of eight people and comes with leather interiors. It has got digital clock and leather interiors which include the steering wheels too. There is adjustable steering column also. There is digital odometer also with outside temperature display. This Model of Toyota Land Cruiser car prices are around Rs 84, 36, 000. This model has front air bags too.

Toyota Land Cruiser VX Premium – this model of Toyota Land Cruiser car features many functions which are optional in the previous model. It has a moon roof and comes with back guide monitors. There is EMV screen also in this model and the music system has a DVD player also with around 14 speakers in the car. The engine capacity of this model though is the same as earlier model. These cars have a key less entry system and a start button system. This model also has a V-type engine and comes with all the powerful gadgets. There is cruise control also available in this model. There is auto dimming mirrors. In this version there are front and side airbags both. This Model of Toyota Land Cruiser car prices are around Rs 85, 92, 000.

The Land cruiser cars began to be made in 1951 and since then the car has kept on coming out with new version after another. But the original Land Cruiser was introduced in the 1980’s and it was called the 60 series. There were the 70, 80, 90and the 100 series also. The current series of Land cruiser which are coming out in the market are the ones from the 200 series with GXL, VXL and Sahara specifications. Collapse

Toyota Land Cruiser Cars Models in India


Toyota Land Cruiser Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Toyota Land Cruiser VX Premium
Rs 8,495,000
, 285.4 @ 3,600 (PS@rpm) Diesel
Toyota Land Cruiser VX Standard
Rs 8,345,000
, 285.4 @ 3,600 (PS@rpm) Diesel

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