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Volkswagen Tiguan Cars Price India


Price Rs 2,300,000* - 2,300,000*

If you are looking for a good Volkswagen car, Volkswagen Tiguan Cars will really amaze you with its quality performance and comfort.

It is a best Volkswagen car stuffed with the features and great mileage. Volkswagen Tiguan cars are huge in demand. If you are sure to buy this Volkswagen Tiguan car in India, check out the available Volkswagen Tiguan car models, their list of features and detailed specifications.

If you buy Volkswagen Tiguan car, you will never regret your decision of buying a Volkswagen car.

Amazing car, you cannot get better word to describe this car. The Volkswagen Company has made it with their best engineers and that is why it is almost near to perfection. The car is surely a huge competition to other cars of its range. The car is extremely light in its weight and that is one of the reasons for its high speed and performance. This car surely strikes the great balance between the performance and the awesome looks.

Company has not compromised on any factor. You might find its cliche but car does looks masculine and thus one feels safe and secured in the car. Driving is ultimate fun in this car. Without any doubt it is a handsome and extremely good looking car. Just have a look at its awesome features and you will be surely floored. The touch screen and the navigation function create a difference and make it more successful.

The leather accessories like seat and the leather wrap amazing steering gives it dashing and quality looks. The Tiguan is highly comfortable and give outstanding performance. If you will purchase this car then one thing is for sure you will not regret your decision. The great looking sunroof will give you the amazing feeling. The latest version i.e. 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan will be sold in three trims and will give many options to its customers.

All these trims will be equipped with the amazing features like four motions all wheel drive, 2.0 turbocharged engines that makes it work in an amazing manner. This car is also considered to be the highly fuel efficient and that is the reason it will gain popularity very quick. The designing of this car is also amazing and if you will enter the car its class beauty will mesmerize you for sure. The top notch quality interior gives great level of comfort.

Volkswagen Tiguan Cars Models in India


Volkswagen Tiguan Car Models

Car Price

Max. Power

Engine Type

Volkswagen Tiguan
Rs 2,300,000
, 200 @ 5100-6000 Diesel

Volkswagen Tiguan Car Reviews

Quality Performance Car
This car has all the ingredients to floor its buyers. You will simply adore this car after having the test drive of it. It is one more SUV in the mark...
Very Nice Car With Front Wheel Drive Option
Volkswagen Tiguan will be equipped with the 2.0L, turbo inline four-cylinder engine that is able to produce 200 to bhp power and 207lb-ft torque with ...
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