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Yamaha Ss 125

Yamaha Ss 125 Bike Prices in India

Price Rs 50,000* - 50,000*

Yamaha has provided so many motor bikes in India which are really helping everyone as far as the two wheelers requirement is concern but Yamaha Ss 125 is the one of those bikes in india, that really amaze indians by its performance.

Indian audience liked it very much. Yamaha Ss 125 is the largest selling motor bike in India and very popular among students, executive class and self employed of a particular segment.

Yamaha Ss 125 is available in various models and colors and the Yamaha Ss 125 is very affordable as the cost of Yamaha Ss 125 is not very high.

More impeccably, Yamaha SS125 is truly a commuter type vehicle which has been specifically carved by the sporty, powerful character that instinctively emphasized by its recently added aerodynamic includes lowered front cowl, rear fender, machine-gun muffler end and smart chain cover respectively. Unquestionably, its metallic curves alongside sleek body are quite attention-grabbing, even more, headlamps in the front give its better appeal and broader fuel tank gives it a specifically masculine and tough and looks.

Seamlessly, the SS125 are well formed to give it a highly unique shape which appears larger than other bikes. Nonetheless, the bike also sports a diamond tubular type chassis, in addition to all of the materials which are smart and high quality that ultimately gives feels sturdy and strong at par.

On the other hand, this bike has been impressively well equipped by the 123.77cc single-cylinder, air-cooled SOHC two-valve engine, four-stroke that stupendously competent to generate maximum power of 11 bhp at 7500 rpm along with a greatest torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm, more specifically with five-speed constant mesh transmission in the longevity.

Meanwhile, the engine is positively one of the bike`s best features together with a good level of power which delivers a smoother performance of mileage performance when hit the road to the maximum hilt. Nevertheless, the bike is strongly liable to offer an average fuel mileage of between 50 and 55 km/l even above up to 60 km/l on the open highway as well.

Without being biased, the bike gives a perfect example of basic factor accumulation in terms of highly powerful, braking and control, with good handling, and responsive suspension that smartly performs on diverse road mapping. More naively, the Yamaha`s price tag position stoutly makes it good value due to its engine power which is highly excellent in producing a smoother performance with agility.

Meanwhile, the bike characteristics disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the back, both with exceptional reaction. Yamaha cycles have a notoriety for their competent and adaptable taking care of, and the Ss125 is accurate to this. Indeed, at high speeds, the bike handles great, and produces next to no vibration, indeed, when performing at higher Rpms. Despite, its slender tyres imply that the bicycle feels somewhat temperamental when inclining through corners. Unquestionably, Yamaha Ss125 is accessible in remarkable shades –Blue with Red and Black with Red respectively. Collapse

Yamaha Ss 125 Bikes

  Yamaha Ss 125
Bike Price Starting System Engine Type
Yamaha Ss 125
Rs 50,000
Slef, Kick

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The different colors gives catchy looks
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