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2013 Top 10 Best 100cc Bikes In India


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Indian two wheelers market has been radiantly flourishes the Indian roads with its cutting edge technology keep rolling out the waves of engine power to the greatest extent in national as well as international platform which are better known for its unique diligence of major ruler of bike maker like Hero MotoCorp, TVS, Bajaj, Mahindra and Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda at par.

More naively, there is stoutly a cut throat competition exists amongst these well known auto giants in the world for their thunderstruck services and products encounter to be the best in the lineage of 100cc bikes in India additionally. Unquestionably, people of India are highly enthusiastic about the 100cc due to its price value attuned under budget proclivity adherence even though promisingly delivers a satisfactory average, even more bikes looks good along with new technology too.

Nonetheless, as time splits with the passing years such bikes with a displacement power of 100cc engine have amazingly marked a jubilant fair with their more fuel efficient, great Pick-Up along with the Cool factor associated resultant in enhancive goodwill, hence, bikes are the perfect rides for Indian road and traffic in the long run respectively.

Here is enlisted below some of the Best 100cc bikes thrives in India 2013:

Yamaha Crux (100cc)

Yamaha Bikes is well known for its powerful pick-up with the strength at affordable price and wonderful performance in the long run. This bike delivers effective fuel efficiency- 60-65 km/l

Mahindra Centuro (110cc)

Mahinda Centuro has been marvelously carved by the all new "Intelligence" factor in this segment with impressive features like MCi-5 engine and new styling to steal your Heart. Nonetheless, this bike generates a better fuel efficiency above 70kmpl

TVS Star City (109.7cc)

TVS Star City is gives their sporty look makes it mind blower for the watcher with its high fuel efficiency of about 60kmpl

Suzuki Hayate (112cc)

This Bike is truly gives a looks of high class and performance of a premium standard that eventually offers effective fuel efficiency- 65kmpl

Dream Yuga[Honda 100cc Bikes] (109cc)

Dream Yuga is a wonderful bike with classic looks that gives commuter a fee of pleasurable ride with good fuel efficiency- 60-65kmpl

Discover Bajaj (100cc)

Discover has become a sensation in the race of automobile sector with its better efficacy of mileage performance around 65kmpl

TVS Sport (99.7cc)

TVS Sport is a powerful bike that vigorously produces a stunning mileage of above 70kmpl

CD Deluxe Hero (97.2cc)

CD Deluxe is stringently best options for city commuting that offers high fuel efficiency of about 60-65kmpl

Platina Bajaj (99.3cc)

Bajaj Platina is elegant, powerful and enthralling bike with its drive exult that generates fuel efficacy of about 65-70kmpl

Splendor Plus [Hero MotoCorp Ltd.] (97.2cc)

Splendor+ Hero bike is best selling bike on Indian road that generously delivers a good fuel efficacy mileage about 65kmpl Collapse

  Bike Models
Bike Price Max. Power Engine Type
Bajaj Discover 100CC
Rs 841,000
Bajaj Platina
Rs 1,463,400
Honda Dream Yuga
Rs 4,217,597
Mahindra Centuro 110
Rs 586,662
Suzuki Hayate Drum
Rs 5,900,000
TVS Sport 100
Rs 1,939,705
TVS Star City
Rs 371,529
Yamaha Crux S
Rs 431,039

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