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Car Tech Trends At The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

On Contrary unique diversion of fastest growing technological advancement, hereby, car tech trends has been impressively marks the radiance by means of wonderful signature includes as Android Integration, Hydrogen Cars and Faster Connections on parity.

Meanwhile, as per the accordance of 2014 Consumer Electronics Show has fanatically offers great varieties of innovative punch in terms of high-speed data connections, carmaker pact with Smartphone operating systems, wearable tech interference alongside Hydrogen cars resolution correspondingly.

Sendoff 3G, Welcome 4G LTE:

Blaze forward to CES 2014, and we have something much quicker: LTE, which remains for Long Term Evolution. It's a 4g engineering that promisingly delivers speeds 10 times speedier than 3g. Not long from now, the 2015 Audi A3 car and various 2015 Chevrolet vehicles will offer 4g LTE on the AT & T system. A LTE association gives the Audi the velocity it ought to download graphically serious Google Earth maps with road view. It likewise is quick enough to stream movie and furnish Wi-Fi hotspots for passengers.

Cars Associated with Android:

Audi made discussion about its entrance away into Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) at this year's CES. The OAA is a connection of automakers Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and tech organizations Nvidia and Google. Their objective is to carry the Android working framework to approaching vehicles. A later ponders by IDC indicated that Android associated with 81 percent of all Smartphone Android technology in excel manner because of three reasons:

Android use Google mapping data as it serves a best relationship with Google
Android operating system is open platform and is more program-friendly than Apple's
Android phones are more popularly employed out in the world.

Making Fuel Cell Vehicles More Economically Realistic:

"For years, the use of hydrogen gas to power automobiles has been seen by many smart people as a foolish quest," said Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota, "but change takes persistence."

Meanwhile, Fuel cell vehicles are much more efficient and assiduous than gas- or battery-powered electric vehicles. Nonetheless, the FCV's fuel cell output will be more than 100 kilowatts. More excitedly, it is speculated that Toyota FCV will debut in 2015 in California respectively.

Wearable Tech interference with Cars:

Engineers for Mercedes-Benz were flaunting Pebble Smartwatches running the Digital Drive Style App. The Drive Style application will show essential car data on the Smartwatch, and additionally vibrating alarms of approaching activity or mishaps out and about. Similarly, BMW flaunted a Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch with an application that ran its "i Remote" application for utilization with the approaching 2014 BMW i3 electric vehicle. Collapse

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